Boating News Round-up

HDTV as good as at home on yachts. Great quote: “Installing the HD7 comes at quite an expense and I know it all seems like a gross display of wealth but, hey, it’s pretty cool.”

United Arab Emirates on track to become world’s first flag state for personal yachts. According to the article, the really large pleasure yachts haven’t had their own classification yet. They are only classified as something else, such as a cargo ship. Then the owners would have had to abide by any regulations applying to that category. UAE will be first to recognize these really big personal yachts.

Sales of yachts has improved. Wisconsin firm recalls 350 laid-off employees.

Abby Sunderland, the 16-year-old boater plucked out of a broken vessel in the Indian Ocean, is on her way home.

Washington State will be checking boats this summer to keep invasive species in check.

Tragic story from Alaska, a reminder to exercise great care when tying up.

A dozen boats run aground at Wiggins Pass in Florida.

Ford F-150 in the drink at Halifax Harbor in Florida. Fortunately no one was injured. Time to look at getting one of these things.

US Coast Guard says sharks in New England! So, don’t get in the water in York Beach, Maine.

Washington State Ferry workers honored for rescuing stranded divers.

And of course, the latest on the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

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  1. Most fishing boats work off the west end of the island (it’s closest to the North Drop) around Red Hook.

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