The 1,000 Islands Poker Run is Back!

August 6, 7 and 8 sees the return of the Power Boating Canada 1,000 Islands Poker Run. Throughout the weekend, power boaters must visit five different stops to collect a card. The boat that ends up with the best poker hand is deemed the winner. While winning a poker run is more about chance then about skill, poker runs are still very popular events.

The 1,000 Islands Poker Run is considered to be the biggest in the Can/Am series, if not across the globe, with over 50,000 spectators visiting the area for the weekend. 2010 sees the addition of two separate categories: under 80 mph and over 80 mph, during the actual run. In addition to the actual Poker Run on Saturday, Friday allows boat owners to display their boats in downtown Kingston. Many vendors also attend the Poker Run weekend and their displays can also be visited.

Although only power boats take place in the Poker Run, this is not a race. The goal behind a Poker Run is to enjoy power boating in beautiful surroundings, with other appreciators of the engaging activity. During the 1,000 Islands Poker Run, power boaters visit several stops between Kingston and Prescott, allowing everyone to enjoy the unique scenery that makes up the 1,000 islands.

During the Poker Run on Saturday, each boat must navigate a chartered course to the find the right locations to pick up their cards. When the boater reaches the appropriate dock, a sealed envelope is collected that contains the card. At the end of the Run, all the envelopes are opened and the boater with the best Poker hand is deemed the winner.

The only skill needed to take part in the Poker Run is understanding how to navigate to the correct locations to pick up the cards. Speed is not a determining factor. It doesn’t matter how quickly a boat completes the Run, as long as they are able to successfully collect all their cards.

Boats of all sizes and types are welcome to take part in the Poker Run, with teams travelling to Kingston from all over Canada and the US. It is important to note that this registration is necessary prior to taking part and participants cannot register on Saturday. Also, any power boats that arrive and have not been registered will not be allowed to dock in Kingston throughout the weekend.

For those who love power boats, this is a weekend that shouldn’t be missed.

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