Barcelona International Boat Show

The Barcelona International Boat Show takes place from the 6th November to the 14th of November. It takes place at two venues, Gran Via Exhibition Center and Port Vell wharves, each within a few kilometres of Barcelona City Center.

This year, there will be five themed zones at the Gran Via Exhibition Center to cover all possible areas of marine lifestyle. They are as follows:

–       Innovation Zone – a showcase of all the latest and greatest in design and engineering.

–       Fun Beach – mostly for children, this zone will have canoes, dinghies and kayaks to experiment with on a dedicated pool.

–       Traditional Sailing – a nod to the rich heritage of sailing in this area, with talks, shows, workshops and traditional tapas.

–       The Fishing Zone – an educational and recreational space to promote sustainable fishing practices. There’s even a virtual simulator that reproduces the experience of deep-sea fishing!

–       Espai del Mar – an area dedicated to debate and discussion, as well as the venue for presentations, prizes and seminars.

The show boasts over 100 activities and lists the following as the most ‘notable’:

Presentation of the main regattas – these include The King’s Cup, the S.A.R. Princesa Sofía – Mapfre Trophy, the Christmas Race and the Salt Route.

Seafaring Baptism for school groups – the Spanish Navy will provide opportunities for schoolchildren to set sail on the open seas for the day.

Simulators – as mentioned above, a few stalls will have state-of-the-art virtual simulators to give the experience of deep-sea fishing or sailing on a yacht.

Port Vell Village – The most important meeting point for sector, industry and business representatives.

The Barcelona International Boat Show is the biggest of its kind in Spain. In fact, according to its website, “During the show, some 70% of all the boat sales in Spain are initiated”. The show’s exhibition will also include a space for marine accessories, including such necessities as vessel propellers and engine parts.

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