Boating Event: Scandinavian Boat Show

This year’s Scandinavian Boat Show takes place between the 10th and the 14th of November and is being hosted by the Stockholm International Fairs & Congress Center, just to the south west of the city of Stockholm. The show is one of the largest of its kind in Europe and 2010 promises to be an even greater extravaganza than usual.

The Scandinavian Boat Show is particularly well known for showcasing some of the most innovative technologies in the world of marine lifestyle. This year will be no exception; the show’s website describes this year’s exhibitors as “funky, tough, fast and exclusive boats” and includes such names as Becker Båt’s sailboats and Marino motorboats. Of course, the exhibitors hall will also include a full range of propellers and boating accessories- put it on the list!

Last year’s show attracted over 30,000 visitors (31,060 to be exact), exceeding many commentators expectations in this harsh economic climate. There were 120 boats on show and, because of last year’s successes, the boat show planners are expecting even more this year.

The show opens at 11am on the 10th of November and continues right through until 6pm on the 14th. A family ticket is going for SEK 290 (that’s the Swedish Kroner, and that price converts to just over USD 40 or EUR 31).

If you are planning on visiting the show, make sure you leave a few days to explore the local area while you’re there. As the capital of Sweden and a renowned ‘Global City’, Stockholm is a beautiful place with lots to offer the interested traveller. If you do decide to look around, plan to explore using the excellent public transport system. Because of its extensive waterways and open water, Stockholm is often referred to as the ‘Venice of the North’.

Of course, this also makes it the perfect place for the keen marine enthusiast to visit. Not only are there lots of boat tours around the city, there are also lots of attractions dedicated to showcasing Stockholm’s rich history of a marine lifestyle! Don’t miss the Gamla Stan (one of the best preserved medieval city centres in the world) and, if you have time, make sure to go island hopping around the city’s fourteen islands!


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