Christmas Gift Ideas for Boaters

Christmas Presents. Image Source: Public Domain.

Now that it’s almost the season for gift giving, it’s time to start thinking about getting that perfect gift for that special someone. Boat enthusiasts are often difficult to buy for, so here is a list of unique gift suggestions, starting from the lower priced items to the higher ones:

Lower Priced Range

There are plenty of boating related gifts that bear minimal cost but make boating much more comfortable and fun.

Items for personal comfort include clothing for boat trips, including fleece sweatshirts, wool sweaters, boat shoes and gloves. You could purchase high quality plastic cups, tumblers and wine glasses, weather radios, flashlights, small coffee makers and boat cushions for boat trips as well.

If your boat enthusiast is a fisherman as well, they will appreciate fishing accessories such as lures, rods and reels. A boat care kit will also be appreciated to keep the boat in prime condition.

Middle Priced Range

Many personal items such as multi-tools or flashlights, VHF radios or other marine electronics can be purchased at this price range. A highlight includes the Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons (EPIRBs), which are satellite based transmitters that greatly assist potential rescuers in locating boats that are in distress. These were only used on commercial vessels, but improvements in technology and wider adoption have allowed for a much lower cost. It’s like a GPS for your boat.

Items that provide a safer boating journey such as floating devices, such as a newer, sleeker life jacket that is comfortable would not be the most glamorous gift, but will come in very useful. Boating World Magazine recommends marine VHF-FM radios as gifts for boaters so that a Coast Guard can easily be called in the event of an emergency.

Higher Priced Range

In this price range, you can purchase a huge selection of items. The newest tech toys, navigation devices and high-end boating furniture all fall into this category.

However, if you know your recipient and their boat well, a much appreciated gift would be an accessory or part, such as a propeller, specifically tailored for their boat. There’s always something to be upgraded or repaired and this would make an excellent gift if you know exactly what they’re looking for!

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