Protect the Waters with Biodegradable Products

Method Gel Hand Wash. Image Source: MethodHome.

When you’re out on your boat, it can be tempting to take a dip in the water.  But if you decide to do so, it’s important to keep the environment in mind.  The soaps, body washes, shampoos and deodorants we use when out to sea can be absorbed by the water which will, over time, wreak havoc on the environment.

The next time you’re out on your boat, make sure you’ve equipped it with biodegradable products.

Hand Soap

Method is a smartly-designed, widely-available and affordable line of biodegradable products.  Lightly but luxuriously scented, Method hand soaps are gentle on the skin and packaged in eco-friendly bottles.  To top it off, they’re beautiful to look at!  A bottle of hand soap sells for a mere $3.99.  At that price, you can definitely afford to keep your boat well-stocked!

Body Wash

The good people at Kiehl’s have developed this fabulous Aloe Vera Biodegradable Liquid Body Cleanser.  The light scent is suitable for both men and women.  All net profits from the sale of this product are donated for support JPF Eco Systems, a charitable organization created by the company in partnership with Brad Pitt to raise awareness about environmental sustainability.

Shampoo and Conditioner

I’ve tried my share of biodegradable and organic shampoos, and most of them have left my hair feeling greasy.  Time and again I find myself returning to Peter Lamas’ wonderful line of hair care products.  While not certified biodegradable, their rice shampoo is 100% organic, natural and cruelty-free.

I’ve heard good things about J.R. Liggett’s old-fashioned bar shampoo, made from tea tree and hemp oil.  Skip the shower and wash your hair while you swim – this shampoo works well and has a scent that is suitable for both men and women.


Deodorants wash off the body when we swim and are filled with harmful chemicals, such as parabens and aluminum.  I started using crystal deodorants a few years ago on a camping trip.  Made from 100% natural salts and minerals, these deodorants help neutralize bacteria, preventing odour.  As an added bonus, there’s no scent so don’t need to worry about attracting mosquitos!

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