Strictly Sail Boat Show

Lone Sail. Image Credit: Strictly Sail Boat Show.

The Strictly Sail Boat Show runs Thursday, Jan. 27-30, 2011 at the Navy Pier in Chicago. This is the US’s largest indoor all-sail show as well as the only of its type in the Midwest. The show is in its 16th year and will feature all the newest and up to date products from the sailing industry. More than 250 companies from around the will be exhibiting the newest in boating, accessories and equipment. This year, the show promises to offer more boats, gears, seminars and special events than ever before!

Every year, more exhibits are added and this year is no exception, the Strictly Sail Show has added more interactive exhibits, seminars, prizes. Some highlights include:

  • Seminars – Sailors, navigation software and sailing equipment experts will be sharing their tales and dispensing their knowledge about the world of sailing.
  • Author’s Corner – Famous authors of will be speaking about their experiences and there will be meet-and-greets.
  • Remote Control Sailing Pond – Due to popular demand, the remote control sailing pond will in use again this year. Everyone will have a change to race their remote controlled boat against the clock or other teams!
  • Affordability Pavilion – This exhibit will be highlighting boats for those will smaller budgets, namely showcasing boats that could be owned for less than $250US a month.
  • The Green Boating Zone – This pavilion will showcase the latest environmentally friendly boating practices as well as new technologies and products.
  • Discover Sailing Booth – The Discover Sailing Program is a national program promoting the activity of sailing and is designed to introduce new sailors to this activity. Stop by and meet other boaters and pick up information on everything sailing related!
  • Innovation Station – Sponsored by SAIL Magazine, this features all the newest products from the magazine’s Freeman K. Pittman Innovation Awards for the most innovative sailing products on the market.

The show is held at the Navy Pier, Festival Hall A&B, 600 East Grand Avenue, Chicago, and tickets run from $10 to $24. You can purchase your tickets at the show or online.

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