Waterproof Your Electronics

Purple WaterGuard Waterproof Case for Kindle. Image Credit: TrendyDigital.

Last year, while at the cottage, a few of us decided to take the boat out for a spin.  One of my friends stumbled while entering the boat and ended up dropping his $800 camera into the lake.

It was fully-submerged for about five minutes before we were able to fish it out.  Believe it or not, the camera still works perfectly.  We left it in a pot of uncooked rice for a week and a half, which absorbed all the water in the camera.  This trick will work with most electronics, provided they’re turned off when they make contact with water and they aren’t turned back on again until all excess water has been absorbed.

My friend could have saved himself a lot of needless worry had he invested in a water-proof camera case.  Waterproofing electronics is always a great precaution to take, but it’s especially important for boaters.  Here are a few recommendations to keep your electronics safe from the water.


Protect your treasured e-reader with Amazon’s Kindle waterproof case. A perfect companion for the beach and the seas, this affordable case fits first, second and third generation Kindle readers.  The Purporta Waterproof e-reader case comes highly recommended for Sony e-readers.


Aquapack has a variety of 100% waterproof bags for cameras and camcorders.  Cameras are still able to capture great images while inside an Aquapack bag.  Click here to see examples of photographs taken through an Aquapack case.

If you’re looking for something a little sturdier, try the Pelican Micro Case.  Made to fit smaller cameras, the Pelican also protects against sun damage and corrosion.  It can be submerged up to 50 feet.


Keep your iphone safe with the H20 Audio iDive 300 Deep Dive Waterproof case. Guaranteed waterproof for up to 300 feet, the case comes with headphones that can be used while deep sea diving and buttons, allowing the user to control volume and menu navigation.

The Otterbox 1930 works for most BlackBerry devices.  Granted, it looks quite clunky, but it does allow for easy phone access.

The Aquapack makes a generic-size cellphone case that will fit most phones.  While using a phone inside an Aquapack might be tricky (especially if you own a flip or slider phone) at $30.00, it’s easily the best bargain in the lot.

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