More Products Offered at Miami Boat Shows as Consumer Confidence Rises

Image Source: Miami International Boat Show and Strictly Sail.

In January, U.S. consumer confidence reached the highest point since June 2010, as the outlook for jobs have brightened.  Incomes are expected to rise and in general, Americans have increased their purchases, and companies are expected solid growth and increased profitability. This means that with all the boat shows coming up, there will definitely be more boats and products offered this year than the last.

For example, the Miami International Boat Show and Strictly Sail, running until Feb. 21th in Miami, along with the Yacht and Brokerage Show, are expected to bring in over 100,000 patrons this year.

Since the economic indicators have been positive, more exhibitors and participants will be attending. Many manufacturers, companies and vendors are intending to increase their offerings at the shows as well. Cathy Rick-Joule, show manager for the Miami International Boat Show and VP of the boat division of the National Marine Manufacturers Association in Chicago, which produces the show, states that “people opening their wallets, actually, which is different than the last couple of years. People are really looking forward to this week and [are] really optimistic.’’

Andrew Doole, senior VP of Show Management, which runs the Yacht and Brokerage Show states that “the economy has improved and financing has eased a little bit, so we have better participation from new boat brands, in particular [pre-owned] yachts priced to sell this year.”

The boat shows coincide with the change in weather and people are starting to get excited about boating.  For Miami, tourism and travel are huge industries and the sheer amount of interest in the boat shows are helping to accelerate the economic upswing as well. And for both boaters and boating companies, this is a good thing.

Tickets for the Miami International Boat Show and Strictly Sail are $16 each, or $30 for a two day pass and free for children under 15 when accompanied by an adult.

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