Boats of the Future

Eco Marine Power's Aquarius. Image Credit: Eco Marine Power Co. Ltd. (EMP)

Thanks to technological advancements, boats of tomorrow will be faster, more functional, and have a sleeker design. Recent trends also dictate that innovations in boating technology have a heavy focus on environmental sustainability, much like everything else these days.

Japan-based company Eco Marine Power is developing a solar power system for ocean vessels and ships of the not-too-distant future. The company is working to design sail panels equipped with solar modules that can collect solar and wind energy.

The modules are able to maximize the collection of solar and wind energy, depending on what is called for at the time. Christened the Aquarius, Eco Marine Power hopes to debut their prototype sometime in 2012. The technology they are working to perfect is being created with smaller vessels like passenger ferries, tourist boats and coastal freighters in mind. The company is also researching whether similar technology can be implemented into naval and patrol vessels.

Eco Marine Power works with government bodies and shipping companies to help improve the design of sea vessels, with an interest in making products more environmentally friendly.

Harnessing solar power on the water is not a concept unique to Eco Marine Power. The Tamarack Lake Electric Boat Company has also created their own solar-powered prototype with an aim to start producing the boats in the spring.

Tamarack’s first solar-powered prototype, a pontoon-style boat dubbed the “Loon” set sail for the first time on the Erie Canal back in 2007.

The design of this cutting-edge boat has been refined considerably in the past four years. Propelled by 1000 watts of sun power, this 22 foot boat is scheduled to begin production in May or June.

A parking lot is set to be built along the Erie Canal at a cost of $250,000 US. Officials hope the convenient parking spot will encourage boaters to hit the waters more frequently. When the Loon is ready to make its public debut, a public boat launch will take place in this locale.

Here at Eris Propellers, we constantly strive to keep our product line current and innovative. It is encouraging to learn that the boating industry as a whole has a similar approach, and we salute these green initiatives.

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