Floating Restaurants from Around the World

Captain John’s Harbour Boat Restaurant in Toronto, Ontario Canada is a huge tourist attraction.  Located in Toronto’s waterfront, this restaurant and banquet hall is open 365 days of the year.

Captain John’s is inside of a former passenger ship, now permanently docked.  The restaurant is often noted for the authentic dining experience, which features an eclectic mix of items, from vegetarian, to meat, to seafood dishes on its menu.

The Jumbo Floating Restaurant in Hong Kong is truly a site to behold.  Its traditional architecture is quite the site during the day.  At night, it becomes a brightly-lit treat for the eyes.  Since its opening in 1976, the Jumbo Restaurant has become quite the tourist draw, having attracted some 30 million visitors to date.  The menu is large and predominantly traditional Chinese fare, and has received many high ratings on tourist travel boards.

The Nile City Boat Restaurant in Cairo, Egypt is another note-worthy eatery, recognized for its affordable traditional fare and service.  And the view is spectacular – one side of the boat will grant you a look at the Nile and Cairo’s skyline, while the other side will provide you with a glimpse of the Cairo Tower.

The Spirit of Melbourne Cruising Restaurant in Australia has a drool-worthy menu consisting of international fusion and local wines. Enjoy a decadent six-course meal while taking in a night view of this vibrant city.

The Seven Seas Seafood Restaurant in Vancouver, Canada is a long-standing tourist attraction with consistently high ratings.  Located inside an historic ferry, the restaurant is noted for its steak and sea food dishes, including crab and shrimp.  With a convenient location right next to Vancouver’s SeaBus terminal, the Seven Seas Seafood Restaurant shouldn’t be missed.

Located in the Pagoda Hotel in Honolulu, the Pagoda Floating Restaurant is a gorgeous establishment surrounded by koi fish, waterfalls and a stunning garden.  Consisting of Western and Asian fusion, its menu is eclectic and savoury. Diners are welcome to top off their meal in the restaurant’s picturesque tea room – an intimate setting that can seat up to 20 people.

Don’t worry about seasickness though, these boats are docked with stationary parts.

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