Bring the Ocean Home

Seaside Inspired's Embroidered Coral Pillows. Image Credit: Seaside Inspired.

If you ask a boater why he or she loves the water, more often than not, the response will be because they find it to be serene and relaxing.

There’s no need to wait to hit the seas to get that calm feeling – costal décor is all the rage nowadays.  Here are a few tips to bring the feel of the water into your very own home.

Seashells – One simple yet effective way to give your home a nautical feel is by using seashells.  A large, clear vase filled with sand and shells from past adventures makes a great keepsake and conversation piece.  If you prefer to purchase your shells, you can get a huge bag from, and large, beautiful conch shells can be found at Sea Shell World. If you prefer to go the artificial route, you can get these great seashell soap dishes at the Pottery Barn.

Throw Pillows – Throw pillows are an affordable, non-permanent way to bring a theme into your living space and add an extra splash of colour.  I’m in love with these nautical-themed pillows from Home By the Seashore.  If you’re looking for something a little more neutral in colour, try these pillows from Anthropologie.  Last but not least, check out this life preserver pillow from Land of Nod.

Light Houses – Pier 1 Import’s lighthouse candle holder is a great conversation piece that also serves a function.  Three or four of these set atop a backyard patio table would make an excellent place setting.  If you’d prefer something a little more subtle, try these light house salt and pepper shakers from Amazon.

Kitchen Décor – These salad plates from This Next are beautiful and will fit into almost any colour theme.  Nautical Luxuries also has an extensive (and stunningly beautiful) set of nautical-themed dinner plates (check out their nautical-themed candle holders as well).

Home decorating need not be expensive and time consuming.  By bringing a few simple accessories into your home, you can easily surround yourself with the feel of the ocean, 365 days a year!

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