World’s Most Luxurious Boats

World’s Most Luxurious Boats

We can always dream, right? Here are some of the world’s most luxurious boats for your viewing pleasure.  They sure are beautiful and have the best of everything (including the best equipment)!

The Katana
$68 Million

The Katana. Image Source: Million Dollar Blog.

This gorgeous 244-foot boat is currently owned by Oracle founder Larry Ellison.  The 37-knot, turbine-powered yacht contains a basketball court, plasma screen TV and can entertain up to a dozen guests.

Excellence III
Can be rented for $365000 to $385000 per week

Excellence III. Image Source: Luxury Cabin Yacht.

Luxury yacht Excellence III features two Windsurfers, two kayaks, two 800hp Yamaha Wave runner jet skis, various knee boards, water skis, inflatable toys, snorkeling equipment, rendezvous diving and fishing tackle.  Inside the boat, guests are treated to a state-of-the-art music system, a Plasma screen TV, and a gymnasium.

The Tatoosh
$100 Million

Tatoosh Yacht. Image Source: Yacht Forums.

Microsoft co-owner Paul Allen is notorious for his love of luxury boats.  The Tatoosh is a 301-foot vessel, cited as the world’s 26th largest superyacht.  Features include: five decks, a saloon with staterooms and a ladies powder room, a swimming pool with adjustable floor in depth, a movie theatre, two helicopters, a 40 foot sail boat and 5 sea-doos.

The Alysia
$116 Million

The Alysia. Image Source: Charter World

Owned by Greek business man Andreas Liveras, the Alysia contains a Jacuzzi, two bars, water jets, and a small speed boat.  A large restaurant, cinema and conference room is also available onboard.

The Octopus
$200 Million

Octopus Yacht. Image Source: Private Yacht - Luxury Private Yachts and Modern Yacht Interior Image Galleries.

Paul Allen is also the proud owner of the Octopus, the eighth-largest yacht in the world at 414 feet.  It contains not one, but two helicopters, submarines that can seat ten people, a remote-controlled rover to explore the ocean floor, and seven smaller boats.

The Eclipse
$1.2 billion

The Eclipse. Image Source: Price It.

This stunning 170-foot vessel is owned by Russian billionaire and Chelsea soccer club owner Roman Abramovich.  It requires a minimum of 70 crew members to operate and is equipped to very comfortably accommodate up to 11 guests.  It’s arguably one of the safest yachts on the water, equipped with anti-wiretapping, anti-intruder and missile detection systems.  The Eclipse contains an indoor swimming pool and aquarium, two helicopters, three boats and submarines.  It is currently listed as the most expensive yacht in the world.

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