Beautiful Lakes

Overlooking Leonard Lake, Muskoka, ON, Canada. Image Source: Public Domain via Wikipedia.

Looking for new lakes to discover? Here are a few that shouldn’t be missed!

North America

The Muskoka Lakes
Location: Ontario, Canada

Known as the “land of lakes” Muskoka, Ontario is a boater’s dream.  Located approximately 1.5 hours north of Toronto, Muskoka is a stunning region with 1,600 lakes, beautiful waterfalls and sprawling forests spread out in 2,500 square mile area.  Bring your own boat, rent one onsite or spend the day hiking around on foot.

Lake Louise
Location: Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

Located in the “hiking capital of Canada”, Lake Louise is absolutely stunning.  Visitors are able to take boat tours seven days a week.  During the 1.5 hour tour, guests are educated on the area’s history, folklore and geology. White water rafting is also available.

Lake Dillion
Location: Dillion, Colorado, USA

Lake Dillion is located in Summit County and is a quick walk from world-class skiing, dining and amenities.  Boaters can expect a peaceful excursion on Lake Dillion, surrounded by pine-trees and other sail boats.


Lake District National Park
Location: England

Relax and unwind in England’s largest national park.  Boats can be rented onsite, or, visitors are welcome to partake in a lake cruise.  Canoeing, kayaking and sailboating is also available at the park.

The Caledonian Canal
Location: Scotland

This is a unique network of canals and lakes that includes the world-famous Loch Ness.  Boaters are treated to beautiful mountains and peaceful, green landscapes.  The Caledonian Canal first opened in 1822 and was built to create a shortcut between the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

Grande Lago
Location: Portugal

Europe’s largest man-made lake is a hub of boaters and tourists.  Created in 2002 as a means to provide water for Alentejo, the area is best explored by boat.  Visitors are welcome to bring their own boat or rent one onsite.  Take in an afternoon of fishing or sit back and read about as you sail around this 96 square mile area.

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