Green Boating

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Here are some tips to make your next boat trip a little more eco friendly.

  1. Maintain your equipment.  Make sure that all boating equipment up-to-date and well-maintained, and that your boat propellers are in good condition.  This will avoid wasting fuel and minimize the chances of hazardous waste entering the water stream.
  2. Use environmentally-friendly cleaning products.  Method is a smartly-designed, widely-available and affordable line of biodegradable products, and the good people at Kiehl’s have developed a fabulous Aloe Vera Biodegradable Liquid Body Cleanser.  For shampoos and conditioners, try J.R. Liggett’s old-fashioned bar shampoo, made from tea tree and hemp oil.  Skip the shower and wash your hair while you swim – this shampoo works well and has a scent that is suitable for both men and women.
  3.  Recycle.  Make sure that all antifreezes, cleaning products, oil, and used boating equipment is discarded at a waste collection facility.  Never, ever dump your trash in the water.
  4. Be proactive.  Discover Boating recommends installing a device that will help prevent “overboard discharges from your trunk vent.”  There are products available on the market that will send out a warning once a tank is reaching its fuel capacity, helping to prevent spills.  Discover Boating also recommends filling the fuel tank slowly and only to about 90% capacity, because fuel naturally expands as temperature rises.  Leaving some space at the top of a tank will help to prevent overflow when the temperature warms up.
  5. Stow your trash onboard.  Keep all garbage and waste onboard throughout the duration of your boating excursion.  There’s no excuse for throwing garbage into the water.  There are plenty of shore and dockside facilities available for recycling and disposing of waste.
  6. Keep your blige clean.  You can easily avoid unnecessary oil discharges by using a sorbent in each blige area.  The safer the products you use, the less water pollution you will create.
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