Boating in Canada

Lake Louise. Image Credit: Andrea Schafthuizen.

Canada is a great place for boating.  It has such a diverse range of terrain and vegetation.  From mountains to waterfalls, to forests to flat lands, Canada truly has it all.

Discover Boating is an informative website and public awareness effort that was established by the National Marine Manufacturer’s Association (NMMA) to represent the North American boating industry.  It focuses on creating interest in recreational boating in Canada while promoting an affordable and accessible boating lifestyle and, in the process, educating established and potential boaters.

The website is a repository of information about buying and maintaining a boat, Canadian boating regulations and safety legislation and information on boating certification.  The website also highlights Canadian boating hotspots, which have been rated by users.  Top destinations include:

  • Muskoka and the Haliburton Highlands, which is described as the “experience of a lifetime” and noted for its “glorious sunsets, crystal clear waters and active community”;
  • Desolation Sound, which was given a 77% overall user rating, specifically for its picturesque mountain landscape and
  • Howe Sound, a beautiful area in British Columbia that is best known for its “beautiful vistas, and mountains with sparkling, snow-capped peaks”.

We’ve been supporters of Canadian lakes for a long time – they truly are beautiful.  If you plan on boating in Canada, don’t forget to check out the Muskoka Lakes, a stunning region of Ontario with 1,600 lakes, beautiful waterfalls and sprawling forests spread out in 2,500 square mile area and Lake Louise, an area rich with folklore and geology.

Discover Boating is also active in the Canadian boating community by organizing promotional events and educational seminars both online and across the country.  The website also has an extensive resources section that includes tips on green boating, a glossary of commonly-used boating terms and other miscellaneous resources.

Click here to discover this website for yourself! Once you’ve got your next boating expedition planned, contact us to get your vessel fitted with the right equipment!

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