Keeping Boating Alive After the Boating Season Has Ended

Where does the time go?

It is hard to believe that summer is already winding down.  “Back to school” is on a lot of people’s minds and some stores have already begun to display Halloween merchandise!  

For many boaters, the changing season means putting the boat away for a few months. 

Fortunately, that does not mean that the boating spirit has to take a break.  Here are a few nautical-themed household that are guaranteed to help keep the boating spirit alive after the boating season has ended.

A cozy fleece jacket will help make chilly fall nights a little more comfortable.  The Bass Pro Shop has always been my go-to shop for boating gear, and I highly recommend the XPS Blackcountry Fleece Jacket.  It is well-made, comes in a variety of colours, and it is sold at a price point that cannot be beat.  Click here to check it out!

Incorporating a nautical theme into one’s home is another way to help keep the boating spirit alive, even when it is cold and snowy outside.  Seashells are a simple and economical way to implement this theme, as are nautical-themed throw pillows – which provide an affordable, non-permanent way to jazz up a dull room and add a bit of personality. 

Home decorating does not have to be time consuming and when done right, it can dramatically change the look and feel of a living space.  By bringing a few simple accessories into your home, you can easily surround yourself with the feel of the ocean, each and every day. has a great gadget called the Suunto, which boaters can wear year-round.  This is a great product that we’ve featured on here before. The Observer wristop is a stylish, eye-catching watch that’s equipped with a stopwatch, compass and calendar.  Made out of durable, lightweight titanium, it is built to last and makes a great accessory, whether you are on the water or off.

We hope that everyone is enjoying the boating season and that you are making the best of the warm days we have left!

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