Propeller Wear and Tear

Propeller. Image Credit: Eris Propellers.

Even the best boat propellers will wear down over time. Luckily, most boat propeller issues can be repaired, provided they are attended to in a timely fashion.  Here are a few of the most common causes for propeller wear, tear, and signs of malfunction.

Inaccuracies/Noise. A misaligned propeller can cause loud, vibrating sounds when a boat is turned on.  This can be attributed to inaccuracies with a propeller’s pitch.  Luckily, this can be fixed with relative ease by a trained boat mechanic.  Once addressed, vibrating sounds will cease. It a propeller is making a high-pitched noise when the engine stars, this could also signify a misalignment or signs of wear and tear. There are many causes for these noises, but again, the problem can be diagnosed and easily fixed by a boat mechanic.

Erosion. Over time, every boat propeller will start to show signs of erosion. Water – along with fragments of rock, sand and sediment – have abrasive properties, which can affect a propeller’s performance. Eris Propellers has a highly-trained staff that can assess and repair a propeller so that it functions like new.

Thick, black smoke. While it is common to assume that thick, black smoke is a result of an engine issues, it is actually more often than not a propeller – related issue. When a propeller is not in peak working condition, it causes strain on the rest of the boat, and black smoke can be one of the side effects.

Fuel inefficiency.  A good boat propeller will help a boat to become more fuel efficient. A poor-quality or malfunction boat propeller will, obviously, have the opposite effect.  If your boat outings require more and more fuel, this could signify a worn out propeller, which should be checked out by a professional. 

Keeping a propeller in good working condition improves the overall efficiency of a boat and, because it can make a boat more fuel efficient, can translate into huge money savings over time.  Never neglect your boat’s propeller – a good propeller truly makes all the difference!

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