Canada’s Environment Minister Voices Support Over Lake Simcoe Clean Up

Lake Simcoe. Image Credit: Bosintang via Wikipedia.

Boating enthusiasts should always keep the environment and preservation of the water in the forefront. Now, thanks to an announcement last week by Canada’s Environment Minister, it looks as if the Canadian government is stepping in to help preserve one of the country’s precious waterways.

On September 9, the Honourable Peter Kent announced that the Canadian government will continue in its efforts to clean up Lake Simcoe via a $2.9 million investment. This new funding will mark the seventh round of the Lake Simcoe Cleanup Project, which is designed to preserve and protect the lake, its wildlife and surrounding area.

“This government is committed to ensuring cleaner waters from coast to coast for all Canadians. Since 2008, the Government of Canada’s $30 million Lake Simcoe Clean-Up Fund has allowed Canadians who work, live and play near Lake Simcoe to enjoy the benefits of a cleaner lake,” Minister Kent was quoted saying in a press release.

This latest round of cleanup initiatives will continue supporting local organizations that are working to preserve the Lake Simcoe watershed. The town of Aurora, Ontario will receive $650,000 that will go towards creating engineered wetland and reduce up to 60 kilograms of phosphorus each year from entering in the Tannery Creek, which runs into Lake Simcoe. This project is comprised of new technology and will be the first of its kind in the province. This serves as a continuation of previous cleanup projects in the area, all of which have made great strides in sustaining the environment and boosting recreation and boating in the area.

This financial investment represents the last round of funding from the Lake Simcoe Clean-Up Fund as part of the Canada’s Action Plan for Clean Water an initiative by the Canadian government designed to clean up the great lakes and “areas of concern” throughout the country.

For more information, visit Environment Canada’s website at:

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